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Dulas Valley Tipis was founded in 1994 by Lesley Davidson. After many years of studying, designing, manufacturing and utilising traditional tribal structures the experience gained affords Dulas Valley Tipis credence as the longest established (1995) manufacturers of Tipis and other traditional tribal structures in the UK
We have been using tipis on a daily basis, making tents, building and testing traditional shelters as viable temporary housing.

These years of experience have given us a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the various structures, particularly the tipi.  Tribal tents are serious pieces of architecture in the sense that they are designed to do the same job as a house or other permenant structure.  The maker of these structures is a serious architect with similar

There are many uses for these types of structure in the modern world.  We applied our knowledge of  various tents to modern applications and peoples needs. Dulas Valley Tipis became the first UK company to promote tipis in mainstream modern society.

We create shelter where our customers need it taking into account the environment whether that be urban, sub-urban or rural, using tribal structure to achieve the desired effect.


The tipi is a new and unfamiliar product and it is this structure that we specialize in.   Dulas Valley Tipis is the only source of general information about tipi construction available even on the internet.  Only one definitive book has ever been written on the subject.  There are very few people that have used tipis enough to be capable of offering these structures as a commercial product and out of those who do have this knowledge most don¹t.

As a company Dulas Valley Tipis offer our customers more than 20 years of hands on experience in the field and a commitment to customer care that will ensure the success of both the customers projects and our products. We are the only UK company that offers a complete service, including the supply of equipment and compliamentary products.

Dulas Valley Tipis pride themselves on the importance of giving customers the information that they need to use the product to their best advantage.